Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Does anyone else think that BBQ and the Fall Season go together really well?? I think so! Actually whenever Nick fires up the grill I'd say is a good reason for any season and any kinds of food. The BBQ was on the grill last night... YUM!
It's always funny to smell the bbq cooking, but know that isn't what you are having for dinner. What was for dinner though? Chili. Paleo Chili - very similar to this recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl's blog. No Picture. Reason being: I am sick. Being sick makes me want warm yumminess. I got on a Paleo kick awhile back, when my friend Dena was talking about it, and while I do really really like eatting Paleo, I don't do it every day, every meal. This is Paleo Chili because it doesn't have any beans. Trust me though, with the ground turkey and the spices and beef broth, you never miss the beans. This and some cornbread from my Mary Mac cookbook and we were good to go!

My friend Kara and I were talking yesterday about updating our blogs more often (Check out Kara's!)... kind of a pre-New Years resolution. This was my attempt! Of course most of my attempts will revolve around food, but I promise to mix a little more 'life' when appropriate.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Too bad I haven't stuck to our 'pre-New Years resolution.' Ha! Maybe I'll get to that this week. :)